About AtmanAli
Although formally trained in music since childhood and majoring in music in college, the options for using music as a career at the time (teach, perform or church organist) just did not appeal to me.  I did not want to do what everyone else was doing with music.
I ventured into the corporate world and only connected musically via choir until a spiritual call to go deeper led me into metaphysical teachings.
Along the way I was introduced to Reiki which I was inspired to use for hospice patients in my volunteer work.  The advanced teachings helped me connect the dots amongst the various metaphysical topics I was studying.  Then one day I attended a conference on Sacred Sound & Music at the Association for Research & Enlightenment (The Edgar Cayce Foundation) where I met Jonathan and Andi Goldman who led many of the sessions during the conference.  I was blown away and knew this was how I wanted to use my musical calling.  During a break I was lamenting to Jonathan and Andi about how I wish I had known about sound healing when I was in college, to which Andi replied, "It's never too late!" 
Soon afterwards I found the International Sound Therapy Association in Atlanta, GA and pursued certifications in the therapeutic use of sound.

Through my teaching and presenting to various groups on sound and meditation, I was asked to play at a local hospital as part of a new music program.  And as my collection of singing bowls grew, so did my passion for playing and creating meaningful pieces for personal meditation and spiritual growth.

My debut CD, Ananda, includes pieces from my personal practice which were inspired by the many teachings I have studied over the years.

Photo by Kenny Gray
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