1. Yoga Classes & Workshops
    The live vibrations from singing bowls beautifully enhance the experience during yoga practice. Likewise, special workshops incorporating yoga movement and sound techniques create a powerful learning environment.
    Appearing in the Columbus & Atlanta, GA and Auburn, AL triad with monthly engagements at Blue Lotus Yoga in Newnan, GA. Live performance to accompany yoga instruction, collaborative workshops and meditation events. Music and sound created with Crystal & Himalayan singing bowls, chimes, gongs, tuning forks and other therapeutic sound instruments. Revenue share and flat fee options available.
  2. Recordings
    AtmanAli spent over 6 months in the studio creating the most life-like recordings possible enabling listeners to experience the therapeutic vibrations of the singing bowls from the comfort of their own home.
    Ananda is a 2 Disc package including instrumental tracks, preparation techniques and guided meditations, medicine melodies and prayers. Extensive notes are provided for each of the tracks providing the listener with guidance for optimal usage based on their individual needs. Process emotions around forgiveness, tolerance and courage in a healthy way.
  3. Corporate Offerings
    Reducing stress in the work environment is a growing need and can be facilitated through group sessions at the start of the day or during lunchtime. Even a brief reprieve from stress can help improve productivity and focus.
    AtmanAli has over 28 years in the corporate environment and 15 years volunteering in medical environments which enables a unique insight and understanding with which to create meaningful and effective sessions for your employees. Sessions include breath work and voice in addition to use of singing bowls and other therapeutic sound instruments. Available for conferences, retreats and other off-site events in addition to regular weekly and monthly offerings.
  4. Private Sessions
    A private session offers a personalized approach to address your individual needs. Each session is uniquely created based on client intentions and goals. Session can include sound, Reiki, guided meditation or comination of all three.
    Formally trained in music since childhood with a B.A. in Music, AtmanAli is also an International Sound Therapy Association Certified Therapeutic Sound and Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, Life Coach, Neurolinguistic Practitioner and teacher of dream analysis and meditation. Sessions can be designed to focus on stress/anxiety, grief, anger/forgiveness and other emotions as well as general energy balancing for optimal well-being.